Vallejo City Unified School District

Vallejo City Unified School District

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Master Planning for 25 Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Vallejo City Unified School District
Vallejo, Calif.

  • Number of Schools: 25
  • Completion Date: May 2014

Like many school districts in California, Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) required significant upgrades to their aging facilities to meet its students’ needs for 21st century learning environments. The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) process included room-by-room facility assessments at each of VCUSD’s 25 campuses, and QKA collaborated with representative stakeholders from the various schools, Board of Education and the community to identify needed improvements.

As a result of this detailed process, VCUSD was provided with a comprehensive plan that established a long-term vision for each school. The FMP identified the specific facilities improvements needed to achieve that vision. It provided preliminary cost estimates and prioritized those improvements into three categories: current facilities needs, education program needs, and future facilities needs. Organized around themes like safety and security and STEAM education, the plan clearly identified how each proposed facility improvement would affect students, teachers and the community. The development of the FMP was well received by VCUSD and the community and culminated in the Board successfully passing a $239 million general obligation bond to fund the first phase of improvements.