Pine Valley Middle School

Pine Valley Middle School

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Middle School Campus Modernization

San Ramon Valley Unified School District
San Ramon, Calif.

  • Completion Date: August 2008
  • Square Footage: 83,500 (Modernization)
  • Final Construction Cost: $23.3M

Constructed in the early 1970s, the Pine Valley Middle School was a block, bunker-like, pod school with a labyrinth-like arrangement of classrooms, many without natural light. The school’s nested and windowless hallways forced students to access nearly half the classrooms by passing through other spaces.

A new centralized courtyard was created, providing abundant daylight and clear access to the previously nested classrooms, and affording multiple school entryways. New buildings replaced the old library, art rooms, locker rooms (now adjacent to the gymnasium) and visual/performing arts spaces. The new light-filled library was crafted with high-quality materials and offers high spaces, elevating this important learning space to a place of greater importance. The art spaces are coupled with digital art classrooms clustered around a courtyard, creating a collaborative community. Through the use of landscaping, new plaster, new windows and an entry gateway, the school is welcoming while maintaining needed security.


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