Piedmont Unified School District

Piedmont Unified School District

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Master Planning Six Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Piedmont Unified School District
Piedmont, Calif.

  • Number of Schools: 6
  • Completion Date: July 2016

The Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) faced a major need to improve the District’s three elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools to meet district educational program priority standards. QKA was retained by PUSD to conduct long-range facility master planning. The process of delivering an informed and clear Facilities Master Plan (FMP) began with dozens of design committee, town-hall style and small group input meetings at each of the six school sites to ensure all options were explored and that recommendations for new and modernized facilities supported the District’s educational program.

Ultimately, the FMP proposed necessary updates, such as relocating campus administration at the high schools to improve security, significantly renovating existing undersized classrooms to provide support and breakout learning spaces, reimagining underutilized buildings as STEM labs and other learning opportunities, and replacement of the existing poorly designed high school theater. Two different recommendations were proposed for the middle school, based on varying degrees of modernization and new construction, with pros and cons and cost and phasing differences clearly laid out in each. The detailed plan provided PUSD with a roadmap to better understand how each phase of facility upgrades related to the next, and with clear associated cost estimates.