Sonoma Valley Unified School District

Sonoma Valley Unified School District

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Master Plan

Sonoma, CA

QKA worked closely with Sonoma Valley Unified School District and the community to develop a Facilities Master Plan (FMP) to guide facility improvements across the District for the next 10-20 years. The first step in this process was to conduct Facilities and Energy Assessments at all 11 school sites. Each campus was evaluated to identify facility improvements that would result in both energy savings and improvements to the classroom environments, including solar energy. This assessment formed the basis for the District’s successful $40 million Measure H bond.

Following the success of the bond, QKA developed a plan for each campus to guide the energy efficiency programs and provide the basis for a potential future bond supporting other facility improvements. The development of the FMP included thorough community engagement that involved meetings with a committee at each school site that represented the stakeholders for that school. Working collaboratively with these committees, much needed facility improvements were identified, and a comprehensive plan was created for each campus that addressed the facility needs and provided a long-term vision for each school.


  • Total solar system size: 1.8 MW
  • % of Electricity Bill Offset | 100% ZNE (zero net energy)
  • 5-year General Fund Savings | $6,800,000 (includes CSI rebates)
  • 25-year General Fund Savings | $26,000,000