Sequoia Union High School District

Sequoia Union High School District

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Redwood City, CA

Faced with rapid enrollment growth and the need for a comprehensive master plan to provide a vision for future facilities modernization and new construction, Sequoia Union High School District required a fast-paced master planning process. A two-stage planning process was quickly developed to first accommodate the need for additional classrooms requiring design to begin immediately.

Through a collaborative process involving staff, student and administration representatives from each campus, the first phase of the FMP identified priority projects to address enrollment needs and funded through the $265 million Measure A bond. The second phase of the FMP then identified long-term facilities needs, outlining them in order of importance for future funding. QKA was responsible for overseeing the Implementation Plan, which included unified plans for the District and each school, recommended approaches to committee meetings and communication with each school community, and guidelines to coordinate the efforts among the other architectural firms involved in each high school project.