Ross K-8 School

Ross K-8 School

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Photovoltaic System + Flood Protection

Ross School District | Ross, CA
380 students | 53,800 sf

Built in the early 1940s and expanded in 1999, the Ross School adjoins the Town Green. Due to its location in a flood plain, Ross School experienced major flood inundations in 1982, and in 2005 one foot of water flowed through the school. Due to these floods the community approved a bond to modernize, reconstruct, and flood protect the school. The project received an unprecedented FEMA grant to lift portions of the school four feet—a first in the nation for a school—and was granted hardship funding to replace portions of the school that could not be lifted, with new buildings. The school’s design accommodates community functions including recreation and performance spaces linked to the Town Green. 


  • Photovoltaic System Providing 90% of Energy Usage
  • Two-Sided Stage
  • Break-Out Spaces
  • K-4 Spanish Lab


QKA has been instrumental in our District receiving funding for our project, namely $1 million from FEMA and over $6.8 million from the Office of Public School Construction. Tammy Murphy, Past Superintendent, Ross School District