Piner High School

Piner High School

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Science Position Astronomy Research Query (SPARQ) Center

Santa Rosa City Schools | Santa Rosa, CA 
4,676 sf

Created in collaboration with the Science faculty who developed the pathway program, the learning spaces were designed with the specific goal of delivering content in non-traditional ways such as through the use of a planetarium.  The program uses specialized technology such as an astronomical telescope, GIS/GPS technology, climate/meteorological instruments, wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, and a multi­axis planetarium. The facility design had to respond to, and be shaped by the incorporation of this technology, while its imagery reflects its use.


  • Multi-Axis Planetarium
  • Observatory with Astronomical Telescope


More than a laboratory, an observatory or a classroom, the new building is a symbol of the future on our campus it gives me hope for what public education can and should be for today’s students. Sally Bimrose, Principal, Piner High School