Pine Valley Middle School

Pine Valley Middle School

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Middle School Modernization

San Ramon Valley Unified School District | San Ramon, CA
910 students | 83,500 sf | 11.5 acres

Constructed in the early 1970s, the Pine Valley Middle School was designed as a concrete bunker-like, pod school that forced students to access nearly half the classrooms by passing through other spaces. By removing the cafeteria, stage, band room and undersized library, a new centralized courtyard is created to provide abundant daylight while new buildings replace the previously under-sized and poorly located uses including library, art rooms, and other spaces.


  • Transformed Windowless Pod School
  • Science + Computer Technology Labs
  • Daylighting


Their designs and documents are superb—resulting in efficient construction with low change orders at the same time meeting the needs of the District. Rich Lowell, Director of Facilities, San Ramon Valley Unified School District