Mountain View Los Altos High School District

Mountain View Los Altos High School District

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Mountain View, CA

Anticipating future enrollment growth, the Mountain View Los Altos High School District (MVLAHSD) needed a plan to support an increase in students via maintenance and new facilities for existing and future educational programs on each of the District’s five campuses.

Quattrocchi Kwok Architects (QKA) first identified outstanding maintenance and physical improvements needed by conducting a thorough Facility Assessment of each site. Next, with extensive collaboration with representative stakeholders from each of the five campuses, the Board of Education, and the community, final Education Specifications were prepared, providing a clear narrative of instructional goals. Finally, preliminary cost estimates were developed.

As a result of this detailed process, QKA produced a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (FMP) that established a long-term vision for each campus. The $300-million FMP addressed the District’s needs for additional classrooms and enhanced facilities that support current and future educational program goals.

MVLAHSD has hired QKA to design the first set of projects, including new classroom buildings, gymnasiums, and Student Services Buildings at both of the District’s traditional high schools, a new digital arts academy, as well as the modernization of a performing arts center and cafeteria.