Mendocino K-8 School

Mendocino K-8 School

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New Centralized Learning Space

Mendocino Unified School District | Mendocino, CA
330 students | 24,000 sf modernized + 12,770 sf new

The Mendocino Grammar and Middle Schools share a common site, but were physically and administratively separate entities. In 2002 the existing Grammar School building was closed for dry rot, structural damage, and mold and water infiltration. In light of declining enrollment, the district opted to create “a learning community that binds rather than isolates campuses, staff and age groups.” The new building creates common centralized spaces while allowing for age-appropriate activities. 


Photovoltaic System Provides 80% of the Electrical Costs


I think the new school has a great stage, kitchen, plants, playground, library and classrooms. The whole school is awesome. P.S. it’s totally twenty-first century. Sofia, 3rd grade