Mariano Castro Elementary School

Mariano Castro Elementary School

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New Elementary School Campus

Mountain View Whisman School District
Mountain View, Calif.

Completion Date: August 2018
Square Footage: 39,000 (New Construction)
Final Construction Cost: $25.7M

Population growth in the surrounding school neighborhoods required the District to expand the student capacity at their elementary schools, leading the way for the new, 450-student Mariano Castro Elementary School to be constructed on the same site as the existing Gabriela Mistral Elementary School, a Spanish-English Dual Immersion school. By housing the new school on an existing site, both schools could share the reconfigured and expanded outdoor play areas, as well as the newly constructed library and gymnasium/multipurpose room. However, it was vital to the staff at both schools to maintain separate senses of identity. This importance to remain as two distinct schools fundamentally impacted the final campus design, and led to an independent campus entry/student drop-off area and separate administration buildings for each school on opposite sides of the site.

To use the limited acreage available the most effectively, the new Mariano Castro campus is composed mainly of two-story construction. The classroom buildings, library, multipurpose room, kindergarten building, and administration offices are clean and contemporary, complementing the modern design aesthetic of the Silicon Valley area. All buildings feature large windows, not only increasing the indoor quality and reducing the dependence on artificial lighting, but also improving campus-wide supervision.


  • Elementary School
  • New Construction
  • Two-Story
  • Classrooms
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Room
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