King Elementary School

King Elementary School

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Elementary School Modernization

West Contra Costa County Unified School District | Richmond, CA 
430 students | 57,700 sf | 5.3 acres

Located in the heart of Richmond, the replacement of the aging King Elementary School is part of a $500 million bond program aimed at modernizing and replacing many of the district’s campuses. The existing pod school had no walls between classrooms, very few windows, and was partially below grade, creating a dark and chaotic learning environment. In contrast, the new school is a daylight-filled building with spaces that support the district’s educational program with learning environments such as large flexible classrooms, small group instruction areas and a reading rotunda with a large dome skylight in the library. The library is located at the heart of the school and serves as an anchor to the central courtyard. King Elementary is a California Division of the State Architect (DSA) High Performance School (DSA HPS), featuring energy efficient mechanical systems, storm water runoff controls, and recycled building materials.


  • Energy Efficient Mechanical Systems
  • Storm Water Runoff Controls
  • DSA High Performance School