Kenilworth Junior High School

Kenilworth Junior High School

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Cool Tower Installation

Petaluma City Schools | Petaluma, CA
1,000 students | 83,694 sf

Kenilworth Junior High School provides a learning environment that is both beneficial to the curriculum and effective as a living teaching tool. Elements such as daylight, energy efficiency, storm water runoff controls, and indoor air quality become real world examples of sustainable living.

Kenilworth Junior High School is the first California public school use of “cool towers” which provide virtually free cooling to the three largest spaces on campus (Gymnasium, Multi-Use and Library). A variety of skylight and window locations were modeled at the UC Berkeley Sky Simulator, insuring optimum size and location in the prototypical classroom space.


  • Cool Towers
  • High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Cool Roofing
  • Daylight Harvesting