Analy & El Molino High Schools

Analy & El Molino High Schools

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Stadium Renovation

West Sonoma County High School District | Sebastopol, CA & Forestville, CA

QKA completed the outdoor stadium renovations for Analy High School in Sebastopol, Calif. and El Molino High School in Forestville, Calif. Formerly consisting of well-worn natural turf and mediocre lighting, the fields were consistently damp, uneven, and irregular (even when it wasn’t raining), and visibility was poor. Recognizing the need for major improvements, we set out to give the students stadiums in which they could realize their potential with sports, entertainment and school spirit.

After considering multiple turf options, ultimately synthetic turf with cork infill was selected to replace the rundown grass fields. This cork infill mitigates the rising heat that can be felt on a warm day and feels more like a grass field, compared to rubber pellet infill that is commonly used for these types of fields. In addition, as a natural material there are no health concerns with cork. These new artificial turf fields significantly reduce the amount of maintenance and water required to maintain the football fields and provide an all-weather playing surface at both campuses. Also touting all-weather capabilities and a synthetic surface are the eight-lane tracks. Construction of new 969-seat bleachers at AHS and 667-seat bleachers at EMHS, installation of proper event lighting at AHS, and new surrounding landscaping and a press box at both campuses were incorporated in the overhauls. With these upgrades, Analy and El Molino sports teams like football, soccer and lacrosse can chase their pennants.


  • Synthetic Turf Fields
  • New Bleachers
  • Energy Efficiency