NGL Academy Honored as a Real Estate Project of the Year by the North Bay Business Journal


NGL Academy Honored as a Real Estate Project of the Year by the North Bay Business Journal


  • Main Entrance
  • Maker Space Lab
  • Large Group Seminar
  • Cafe
  • Seminar Room

On Dec. 12, 2017, the QKA team was honored with a Real Estate Project of the Year Award from the North Bay Business Journal. Next Generation Learning (NGL) Academy, which opened in September, was declared the top education development project completed this year. Read about the project:

NGL Director Karen Kenkel commented: “We were delighted to work with a Santa Rosa-based QKA to design a campus exactly suited to our education needs and philosophy. From our ‘smart’ spaces and cutting-edge learning technology and our café for collaborative learning, to our reading room for quiet reflection and our Makerspace for creative modeling and applied problem-solving, our campus will be ideally suited to support multiple student growth paths.”


The 6,000-square-foot campus required the complete renovation of a former office building. A private school operated by Opportunity Education, the NGL Academy challenges the norms of traditional high school learning concepts and environments. The school’s goal is to give students a different option in high school learning, one that is not based on a lecture format and content memorization, but rather fosters the skills and interests of each individual student through various types of learning methods, including student-driven exploration. In fact, the high school operates without actual classrooms.

In order to create a campus that would achieve these goals for NGL Academy, QKA designed a variety of interconnected learning spaces that would be able to accommodate different activities and student preferences. There is a large open “Café” that supports large group meetings and presentations, as well as students working alone or in groups in a casual setting. This space is supported by seminar and conference rooms of various sizes for activities that require a bit more privacy and focus. The project also includes a Makerspace for more hands-on and active learning activities and a Library area for quiet study. Technology and flexible furniture was used throughout the project to support ever-changing needs and growth related to student capacity, curriculum and programs. The school will eventually have the capacity to serve up to 250 students from around the community.


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