Mark Quattrocchi Honored as Philanthropist of the Year at A Chance In Life’s 75th Anniversary Gala


Mark Quattrocchi Honored as Philanthropist of the Year at A Chance In Life’s 75th Anniversary Gala


Santa Rosa, Calif., Nov. 9, 2020 - A Chance In Life (ACIL), an international nonprofit that provides shelter, education and food for youth within self-governed communities, has named Quattrocchi Kwok Architects’ (QKA) Founding Partner Mark Quattrocchi its Philanthropist of the Year. Quattrocchi was honored at ACIL’s 75th Anniversary Virtual Gala on Oct. 28.

The gala celebrated the life-changing work ACIL has accomplished over its 75 years and honored those who have made that work possible. The event featured performances and testimonies from children in ACIL’s programs in Italy, India, Ethiopia, and throughout Latin America, as well as remarks from Pope Francis. Quattrocchi’s partnership with the organization began nearly a decade ago when he was invited to a similar gala. Captivated by ACIL’s unique model, he has used his position as a local business leader, education design expert, and well-respected figure within his communities to draw awareness to the plight of children across the globe for whom even meager government resources do not exist.

"After being a part of the Chance in Life community for nearly 10 years, I am no less committed to this organization's mission as I see an overwhelming need globally for action on behalf of at-risk youth," said Quattrocchi. "To be of service to those in need is our highest calling. Those of us who are blessed in our personal and professional lives can make a difference for vulnerable ragazzi (boys and girls) whose lives have been so drastically impacted by the interests of nations, conflicts between cultures and now, a global pandemic. Who among us does not see them as our children, too?"

Over 75 years, ACIL has served nearly 40,000 children across 17 different countries, helping children become self-sufficient adults through a system of self-government, an educational model where youth take responsibility for their own communities, making their own laws and electing their own leaders. ACIL is currently preparing to launch its first ever United States-based program on Staten Island’s North Shore.

Hear Quattrocchi remarks from the virtual event, here.

About A Chance In Life
In 1945, Monsignor John Patrick Carroll-Abbing opened his first Town to give homeless and refugee children a chance to escape poverty, putting them in charge of their own communities complete with their own currencies and laws. Today, A Chance In Life’s proven approach of self-government has been successfully adapted through towns in seven countries including Boys' & Girls' Towns of Ethiopia, Boys' & Girls' Towns of India and Boys' & Girls' Towns of Latin America - and given nearly 40,000 young people the chance to grow as leaders in their own communities. Overall, A Chance In Life has done work in a total of 17 countries.


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